In a word, Tammy is “amazing.” She managed to capture the essence of our wedding so that when we watch our video, we are immediately transported in thought, emotion, and memory, back to the moment. And it is not just us. I daresay, our trailer was shared not just among friends and family but spread to strangers who said it brought them to tears and that it looked like a movie. She is truly talented at knowing what shots to choose, how to piece them together elegantly, and weave with music. It is so wonderful to have this to show to people who weren’t able to be there because this brief snippet takes care of that. And it is insurance that we will never forget the most magical moment of our lives.  - Whitney




As a marketing professional who works with videographers on a regular basis, I knew it would be difficult to find a videographer that would fit my wedding budget and still meet my high expectations for quality production and editing. I found Sweet T.E.A. Productions on one of my MANY google searches for a videographer in my area. I hadn’t worked with Tammy (owner of Sweet T.E.A. Productions) in the past, but absolutely loved the way she wove together the stories of the brides and grooms she had on her website. If you watch the videos on her site, including mine, you’ll see how she captures the key moments of your day and creates a video that people actually want to watch. The old days of capturing the entire ceremony with wobbly camera footage and bad sound quality are gone– welcome to the days of having your own music-video worthy film that friends and family will want to watch over and over. To me, my wedding video was a lifetime investment. When I’m 80 years-old, I will be able to share my video with my grandchildren and possibly even great grandchildren. ** Thank you Sweet T.E.A. Productions for making me smile every time I relive the best day of my life!  - Shelby




We were so excited that Tammy was available to film our daughter’s wedding! She has such a sweet spirit about her, and is a joy to work with!

We knew we would love the video, but it far exceeded our expectations! She captured all the wonders of the day and creatively wove them together into a beautiful masterpiece where love shines through!  - Doni




I cannot say enough about how amazing Sweet T.E.A. Productions was for our wedding back in July. From the first day I met with Tammy, I knew it was going to be a great fit. She puts together a great product. I watch the video all the time! My husband and I were nervous about the idea of having a camera follow us around all day, but she fit in so well that it was not uncomfortable at all! I can’t imagine not having a video of our wedding – it’s a must! You will not be disappointed if you use Sweet T.E.A. Productions!   – Meghan




We are so happy we went with Sweet T.E.A. Productions. They were extremely professional, they listened to what we wanted, we loved the time we spent with them before and after our wedding in the planning and at the wedding, to be honest we didn’t even know they were there but the video says they were there for the entire day and didn’t miss a thing. I can’t say enough good things about Tammy and her team and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Our video is priceless, it’s so well done it’s our most treasured memento from the day.  - Arlene


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